Global Creations LLC – Blog

After setting up blogs for many clients,  we finally got around to creating one for Global Creations’ CEO, Jerry.  This blog is an esoteric combination of  posts related to technical website development issues and various random topics.  For the most part the  information here documents things we have tried.  We use this information so as not to reinvent the wheel if the same issue arises again. We figured if we solved a problem,  perhaps others will be looking for solutions to the same problem.  Look around and see what you can find.


Podcastle What is it? With the advent of ChatGPT, and finding it lacking except for specific uses,  I've been messing around with various artificial intelligence (AI) systems.  One of those is Podcastle. Podcastle bills itself a "The One-Stop Shop for Broadcast...

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Making Quick Videos

I like to make videos using Final Cut Pro,  but I don't generally have time to really make nice videos that way.  Thus,  I'm always looking around for alternatives that are fast, easy, and do interesting things (like the videos in the prior posts).  One of those tools...

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Video Conferencing

Using your phone as a video conferencing camera on your computer is a neat trick if you don’t want to be bothered with buying a special camera. There is one issue that you will need to resolve. Here I describe what it is and how to fix it.

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