Global Creations LLC – Blog

After setting up blogs for many clients,  we finally got around to creating one for Global Creations’ CEO, Jerry.  This blog is an esoteric combination of  posts related to technical website development issues and various random topics.  For the most part the  information here documents things we have tried.  We use this information so as not to reinvent the wheel if the same issue arises again. We figured if we solved a problem,  perhaps others will be looking for solutions to the same problem.  Look around and see what you can find.

Elegant Themes and Divi

A few years back, well - many years back, I developed all my websites using straight HTML, server side includes, and a text editor (BBEdit).  Then came cascading style sheets; an easy way to modify the general appearance of a website. Next,  I got some training and...

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Duplex Printing with an HP-5200

I've been using a HP-5200tn printer to print The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter for many years.  This printer requires a manual approach to duplex (double sided) printing.  First I print the number of copies I need of page one, flip those copies over, insert them in the...

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Fixing Jams in an HP-5200 Printer

The HP-5200 has a series of 'flags' that track the paper through the printer.  If the paper fails to trigger one of these small plastic parts, with the correct timing, the paper will stop and a jam error will be provided. There are a three flags, that I know of, in...

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Specifying Posts for the Recent Posts List

The Problem My client has a widget on his home page that was created with the Divi Sidebar module.  It is set to display the ten most recent posts.  Now,  he wants to display two of those posts in a special block in the center of the page, to the right of the list of...

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