I like to make videos using Final Cut Pro,  but I don’t generally have time to really make nice videos that way.  Thus,  I’m always looking around for alternatives that are fast, easy, and do interesting things (like the videos in the prior posts).  One of those tools I came across is something called VideoReel.  It’s all online, until you download the video.  Basically,  VideoReel offers a bunch of canned layouts to choose from.  Once you find an idea you like,  you can modify it using your own photos or video or public domain photos or videos.  You can also setup your own titles to replace the canned ones and format their colors.  Finally,  you can choose the audio you want to use.  When you have everything set the way you like, click render and wait.  When the render is complete you can download the video and use it however you wish.

As an experiment I put together a video using public domain video clips to promote Global Creations EXPLORE! eMagazine:

Now,  I don’t particularly like the view through scratched glass that this template offers or the white bars instead of bars that match the text color, or the lack of a stroke around letters.  Still it’s quick and easy.  It may be possible to leave out all the text and add that in FCP, but eliminating the scratched glass would require the use of a different template.  

Also,  while I left it out of this video,  you can insert your logo on all frames of your video.  

I paid $39 for the version I got.  I’d say it’s worth it if only for the play value included.  You can learn more about it at https://videoreel.io/.

No,  I don’t make any money off of the sales.