Web Engineering

It’s more than building beautiful websites. We also make them work for you. Everything from an online business card to membership sites, online stores and more. Here are some examples of our recent work.

More About These Websites


Slide 1:  Assistance League of Klamath Basin

Assistance League’s National Office has strict rules for colors and content on associated websites.  Given these parameters and the local need for a special members section, we created this website.  After a thorough review,  the National Assistance League webmaster said: “Congratulations! You designed a beautiful site for the chapter. Your attention to detail on the national design and colors is excellent and I love some of the features you incorporated.”  Those features include the home page slides, a “More About” dropdown section on the Operation School Bell page and a password controlled member section.

Slide 2: Explore! the eMagazine for Adventure and Exploration

This website belongs to us.  It is designed around the concept of a paper magazine.  The home page is, essentially, the table of contents to the eMagazine.  The various stories, written by us, make the most of the web by combining text, photos and video to offer much more than paper can.  It is an advertiser supported website, so you’ll see tasteful ads, personally approved by us, on each page.  Since it is an eMagazine about outdoor adventures, the colors and graphic accents are designed to give that feel.  It includes a membership section (free) that offers a lot of additional value to users of the site.  In addition,  the website includes a separate Blog section for topics not directly related to specific outdoor adventures.

Slide 3: Power to Explore

This is another site of ours.  It is basically an experimental blog that offers information on health and fitness.  While we don’t update it often,  you can check it out to see how a simple blog works.  This site,  like the others listed here allows the client to add and edit all the information on the website without any technical knowledge.  These sites can accept reader comments that are reviewed by the client before they appear on the site.  We create these sites to be as secure as possible from hackers, so it’s really rare that even a spam post comes in for review.  You’d be amazed at how often hackers and their software attack all kinds of websites in an effort to infect them with malware of one sort or another.  All of our sites are protected from this kind of nonsense.

Slide 4: Unicorn Bags

We began working with Unicorn many years ago – prior to the advent of WordPress.  The original site was written in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP using osCommerce as the basis for the online store.  Later we added a WordPress blog. Frankly,  osCommerce has been very slow to evolve and has been extremely difficult to update or modify and lacks many necessary features.  It typically involved editing the core PHP fines to achieve desired results.  Now that WordPress is well advanced, Unicorn had Chesley Roberts design the new site. We took her design and implemented it in WordPress.  The new store uses WooCommerce, a system that is easily updated and modified.  We were able to transfer all the accounts and orders from osCommerce directly into WooCommerce, thus maintaining the continuity of all user records.

Slide 5: Bair Energy

Bair Energy is a new company without a track record to display on its website.  Thus it is a very simple website with only three pages to start.  The WordPress system makes it easy to expand the website with more pages and as much content as desired.  We developed the header and a similar logo for the company.  It embodies the green energy products, wind and solar, that the company produces.

Slide 6: Premier Financial Solutions

Premier Financial Solutions had a website that didn’t work, so we started over from scratch.  They already had systems set up from a third party provider that allows their clients to track their debtors payments and the debtors to make payments.  They wanted a simple, but eye catching site that linked to the third party systems and offered some information about their company.   They wanted a photo background and offered several photos as possibilities.  We chose one that worked well with their logo and used fonts and font colors that could overlay the photo and still be readable.  Like our other sites,  we included pages to make it compliant with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.   That includes a page for a privacy notice and a page for tools that website visitors can use to manage any data the website collects about them.  These also allow the site to be compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Slide 7: Clean Energy Holdings

The Clean energy Holdings website was designed by one of our parters and further modified by us to match the firm’s logo colors and include all the information specific to Clean Energy Holdings.  The site started small and we have grown it with the addition of Team information, Project information, and News releases from the company.  We added a couple of animations to highlight some things about the company including the wind turbines on the home page (developed by one of our partners and used under license) and the slide show on the Projects page (developed by us).

Other Websites

We have been engineering websites from the time dial-up access to America Online became available – long before modern design tools existed.  That means we know and understand the HTML, CSS and PHP coding and can create websites directly using those techniques.  We have built many websites beyond those listed above and can create about anything you need.  These days we use WordPress, as do most websites, coupled with a system that you can use to make updates and change the site around on your own, if you wish.  Most of our clients let us make changes to the site as it saves them the learning curve involved in doing it themselves and we don’t charge for updates that take fewer than fifteen minutes.