The Problem

I already had a zone on a web page for a small ad.  I wanted to put another ad beneath the first ad in the same DIV.  No mater what I did,  the second ad wouldn’t appear.

The Investigation

I finally decided to look at the HTML as it was on the website.  I discovered that the second Javascript tag (the ‘Invocation Code’ from Revive) was colored differently from the first one.  This indicates that it was not recognized as Javascript and thus wouldn’t run and wouldn’t create the second ad zone.

Why?  Well, the Invocation Code has links to the ad campaign at the end of it.  Since those links are not Javascript, they should be surrounded with  ‘noscript’ and ‘/noscript’ HTML tags.  The ‘/noscript’ tag was missing from the first block of code.  That told the browser that the second set of code was not a script and it couldn’t run.

The Solution

Add the ‘/noscript’ HTML tag after the first Javascript block – that’s it.  The tag allows the second Javascript block to be recognized and executed.  Problem solved!