Welcome to the Blog

by | Jul 25, 2013 | About Me | 0 comments


I’m Jerry Haugen, CEO of Global Creations LLC.

After setting up blogs for many clients,  I finally got around to creating one for myself.  Since you can find out how we got to where we are with the business at our About Us page, this blog will be an esoteric combination of  posts related to technical website development topics,  an occasional post on a mushroom-related topic, some discussion of network marketing in general and our part in that industry plus something about our adventures exploring. I may also post something on some random topic – one never knows.

First, I thought I’d start with a short series of posts about myself so you know where I came from and a little about why I’m into the things listed above.  These will serve to support my credibility in whatever area interests you and help you decide if any of our services might meet your needs.  This blog is also set up to post to the company Facebook and Twitter accounts and my personal LinkedIn account, in case you want to follow the posts from there.